Still Cool

by Xam

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released February 14, 2011



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Xam New Jersey

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Track Name: Still Cool
all you kids should stay in school
cuz we all know that school is cool
make sure to follow all the rules
dont start actin a fool

bcuz back in the day
back in the day
the kids used to say
can x come play

my moms wud hav to say
my moms wud hav to say
x cant come play
cuz x busy gettin paid

hold now yall hush taht fuss
yall motherfuckas know im drivin this bus
damn yal bitches gon n made me cuss
i hope yall kno ur all just a bunch a butts

nah im just playin yall come on back
dont make me have rewind the track
i dont got kno haters cuz im not a hack
and if i do got ahters who cares theyre wack

gotdamn xam how u get so cool
well let me tell something i aint no fool
all i had to do was follow the rules
remember kids just stay in school


cmon now yall here we go verse two
this track dont stink it aint covered in poo
we all know the sound cows make is moo
and if u celebrate hanauka ur prolly a jew

dont quote me on that but u can quote me on this
this track right here is an official diss
to all u haters and burn out buts
yall shud just go on home to ur lil ole huts

now was that shit harsh?
well i dont give a fuck!!
cuz XAM go HARD
in his ice road truck

just cruising coolin
doin his muthafuckin thing
just coolin cruising
it aint no muthafuckin thang

i think the telephone just rang
no it didnt im hearing thangs
sipin red bul i just grew wangs
if my name was xampire id have fangs

slow it back down that was hot
when u leave the house wear shoes n socks
and to all xam fans thanks a lot!


oh shit
the fuck is this
changin it up i gess

i said a-
i said a stay in school


this osme new school shit wit an old shool swager